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Crayon is an American professional 3x3 basketball team based out of Tokyo, Japan. They compete in the Japanese “3x3.EXE Premier” league. They started in 2015, when 3x3 basketball was just in its infancy. 


Crayon has seen increased success recently, finishing in the top 4 teams in Japan in 2020. They made their international debut on the world’s top 3x3 level, on the FIBA World Tour in Doha, Qatar in November 2020. This 2021 season, Crayon has its eyes set on appearing in international tournaments around the world, and featuring the best players from around the world. 


Crayon is part of the fastest growing 3x3 basketball league in the world. In the past three years alone, 3X3.EXE Premier League has grown from 6 conferences in Japan to 12 conferences in Japan, Thailand, Korea, and New Zealand. 


This upcoming 2021 season, the league will grow to over 70 teams in countries like Japan, Thailand, Korea, New Zealand, Chinese Taipei, and Indonesia. This year will be especially special, as it scheduled to coincide with the 2021 Tokyo Olympics this summer, as 3x3 basketball makes its Olympic debut. 



3x3 is a much faster and more exciting game and accessible to fans (usually free to watch, closer to the court), and with a portable half court, the game can be played almost anywhere - in the middle of a shopping mall, next to a shrine, or in front of a huge Gundam statue. The passionate fanbase in Japan has made 3x3 in Japan the perfect match for an exciting experience for both players and fans. 


Crayon started as a group of friends who came from different countries, backgrounds, and cultures - many different colors. This pillar of diversity has been continuous as the Crayon community has grown more and more. We pride ourselves in being the most diverse basketball team in the league, with players representing Japan, United States, India, Philippines, and Europe. 


Crayon also has a heavy emphasis on youth development through the game of basketball. Just like crayons that foster artistic creativity with children, Crayon players actively host basketball clinics for young students of the game. 


Crayon has trained and coached over 1,000 kids at public and international schools in Japan, and has hosted clinics at Tokyo American Club. Crayon promotes positivity, inclusion, and high self-esteem for all children. Crayon’s diversity exposes Japanese kids to other cultures and languages.


Due to its diversity and inclusive DNA, along with players friendliness, Crayon has become a very popular team in Japan.  They have fans in various cities across Japan such as Okayama, Kobe, Wakayama, Hachioji, Yokohama, Tokyo, and Utsunomiya. Beyond Japan, Crayon has a strong connection to various cities in the United States. 


Crayon players enjoy being close with their fans, often hanging out at Crayon events, parties, and dinners. The passionate fans are what makes the Crayon family so fun and exciting. 


Crayon 3x3 intersects a myriad of cultures, countries, and brings everyone together for new connection, partnerships and relationships within and beyond the game of basketball.

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